Lost/Stolen/Undelivered Packages

Lost/Stolen Packages
What do I do if my package is lost or stolen?

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. However, if your package, per tracking, is lost in transit (no delivery attempted), and was shipped via First Class mail (no insurance coverage) please contact us! If the package was shipped via priority mail, it is automatically insured up to a certain amount, and you must file a claim directly with USPS. We will not replace and reship lost packages that were shipped with insurance!

If your package is undeliverable or delivered to the wrong address due to an incomplete or incorrect address provided, we do not assume responsibility if the package never makes it to you or back to us (returned to sender). If it makes it back to us, the original shipping cost will be required to reship your package to the correct address, as we will not refund any of the original shipping cost.

If your package is marked as "delivered", but is missing, please contact your local USPS for verification of delivery location, and/or your local authorities to report theft.

**We will NOT replace or refund orders that have been 1) marked as "delivered" by USPS, 2) "lost" items due to incomplete or incorrect address, nor 3) packages shipped with USPS insurance (Please file a claim directly with them!)**